Carcassonne: 26 km west
Perpignan: 90 km south east
Béziers: 76 km east
Toulouse: 119 km north west
Montpellier: 138 km north east


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Sometimes the usual requirements of a holiday; sunbathing, swimming and enjoying food with family and friends is wonderful but at times not enough. Guests want to see and experience more about the place they have chosen to stay and get fully involved, to learn and discover.

We feel that there is so much to do and see around La Fraissinede that we have partnered up with our local friends and businesses to create bespoke and memorable experiences for our guests to get the best out of their stay with us. Maybe one of the below will be just what you are looking for?

Experience Wine

“Skip Bordeaux, this is the new wine region to visit in France”, says Lane Nieset in Vogue online. The Languedoc Rousillion is now considered one of the world’s biggest and most exciting wine regions of France and is the most productive wine region of the world. The area has approximately 300,000 hectares of vines, four times that of Bordeaux and contrary to belief, it is the birthplace of sparkling wine, originally coming from the town of Limoux. The famous Dom Perignon learned the secret from the monks of St Hilare on a visit there and took back the recipe for sparkling wine to Champagne. The area has a dynamic generation of young vignerons creating wines of outstandingly good value and often being of the organic variety.  Tucked away in a triangle between Narbonne, Perpignan and Carcassone, the Corbieres region is one of the wildest, most unspoilt parts of Languedoc... La Fraissinede is perfectly situated to discover the wines of this increasingly popular terrain. We have teamed up with our favourite Vignerons and local wine tour guide Wendy Gedney from Vin en Vacances to create bespoke wine tours for our guests. From 1-day outings, to a full week of discovering fine wines to go with local delicacies, we will plan and arrange the perfect wine experience for you during your stay with us.  To enquire about upcoming retreats Please Email for more information.  

Experience Cycling

The Aude is fantastic cycling territory, both on and off-road, with the Tour de France passing near to the house each year. There are hundreds of kilometres of minor roads to explore by bike and an extensive network of old fire roads and trails for mountain biking. The area is often referred to as the mini-ventoux.  La Fraissinede makes the perfect base to discover many of the varied routes... It is even possible to cycle to the Pyrenees & back in a day and the Corbieres 'hills' directly in front of the house are in fact a front range of the Pyrenees.

Either book a full week of cycling to get a real feel for this spectacular countryside, or simply hire bikes for the day to enjoy the nearby scenery, we will be happy to help you plan your itinerary and organise bike collection to and from the house. We can organise road bikes, mountain bikes or even electric bikes if you are hoping to go a bit further at a quicker pace! To enquire about upcoming retreats

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Experience Cooking Courses

Whether cooking is your passion, or you’re looking for new ways to improve your skills in the kitchen, a relaxing tailor-made holiday at La Fraissinede may be just what you need. It might be that you want to learn fine dining skills to take back home to impress your friends, or you may just want to learn more about classic homemade dishes using fresh local produce. Whatever your preferences we work with a number of wonderful different chefs to suit your requirements. It is a great chance to learn about locally inspired dishes and we encourage you to go with the chef to visit the local markets to pick and choose the ingredients you are going to cook with. We can also combine the course with visiting local vignerons to get a basic knowledge about the local wines and to select the perfect grape to accompany your dishes. The courses are relaxed and fun and will be a perfect accompaniment to your stay at La Fraissinède. To enquire about upcoming retreats.

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Experience Wellness Trips

We have partnered up with a number of handpicked wellness coaches and yoga teachers to host their retreats at La Fraissinede. Depending on what you are looking for, be it your inner zen or just getting back on track for a healthier lifestyle, we will be hosting a number of ‘Wellness Retreats’ throughout the year. From daily yoga classes, to learning about the science of nutrition and what is required for the body to support life, health and growth. . . You can experience it here. A chef will be provided to cater for each retreat to support all foody requirements, offering a range of healthy and delicious meals using local produce that will be ideal for bringing vitality back to your life. To enquire about upcoming retreats.

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